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Veneto Vacation photographer.
Padova, Verona, Garda lake, Treviso and Cortina d’Ampezzo, what else?

Veneto is famous for its wine and for the famous city of Verona and for some amazing villages on the Alps chain. If you are interested into history and art probably Verona is the town for your vacation.
Piazza delle Erbe and the Juliet Balcony could be the setting for you photo shoot day in Verona. Our Veneto vacation photographer could fix a really a romantic moment for you and your partner, Verona is really romantic and a local expert can choose the best hotspots of the town and gift you a special and original experience.

You can also plan a holidays on the Alps and visit the fascinating Treviso or Cortina d’ Ampezzo. Imaging to have a photo shoot on the snow with a panoramic landscape behind your shoulders while tasting a glass of red wine.

At least in Veneto you can also have a relaxing staying at Garda lake, a photo shoot is a romantic idea to spend a day around the water. Ask our staff how to book a Veneto vacation photographer.

Choose from our Veneto locations and collect your experience in a fantastic photo album, that you can keep with other family’s memories. If you are planning a trip to Italy consider this special service, Pix Around mean professional photo shoot and a Veneto vacation photographer who can change your holiday with a unique photo shoot day!

Provide us all the details of your trip we will happy to help you fixing a photoshoot day on your to do list. We have enough experience to give you suggestion about travel tips and local places where you can go and spend your time.

Don’t miss a Veneto vacation photographer and plan a photo shoot day with us!