French Riviera Photographer

Hi! My name is Eleonora

I am 40% a photographer and 60% daydreamer. I've started to be a professional photographer because I wanted to make common people feel special in their everyday life, like a simple smile of a kid or an intimate hug between two lovers. I love traveling and, of course, I always bring the camera with me!

Dream vacation: Iceland.
Favorite food & drink: Sushi & wine.
Favorite way of travel: By car, so I can stop every time I see something to take a photo of!

Spoken Languages: Italian, English

Suggested locations


We can take some photos during a walk on the "promenade des anglais", or in the suggestive "Place Massenà", the centre piece of Nice surrounded by shops, statues and beautiful parks.
French Riviera Photographer
French Riviera Photographer
French Riviera Photographer

Dear Eleonora