My photographic approach aims to tell a story, the story of a particular day of your life and your trip. This story I’ll try to build it with you, your family, friends...



People tell me that I am discreet, versatile and creative. The photography is part of my life since I was born, but i don’t call myself a photographer...


Tradition, History and Nature, these are just few reasons to experience our Puglia and Matera photographers.

Alberobello could be a perfect and original setting with its famous Trulli houses, secret constructions where in the ancient time many rituals and traditions took place. These buildings have a long story and a long culture to pass from generation to generation.

Discover Monopoli, San Vito or Trani: you can visit the famous Duomo of Trani and taste a beautiful focaccia (a kind of Pizza) in the heart of Monopoli. You can experience a different lifestyle and capture these everlasting memories of your south Italy by the help of our Puglia and Matera photographers.

Close to the Puglia region you can easily reach Matera, called the city stones. Native people of this amazing town used to live in a house cave made by a typical stone of the region. Their Houses were built inside the calcareous white rock. Matera is World Heritage Site from 1993. Our professional photographers can capture the atmosphere of this amazing place, we are ready to help you to plan the best experience of your life.

There are many reasons to choose our Puglia and Matera photographers. Contact us to have more information about how it works and about our company story. We are professional and happy to answer to all your questions.

Pix Around offer you the possibility to collect memories forever by a local expert that can shoot important moments of your amazing trip to Italy.