Hi, my name is Alessandro


My life and my passion are dedicated to Photography and Love. I do social and documentary photography. Family portraits and weddings/couples are my core. I believe love is the most important thing in our world and wherever there is love – engagements, wedding proposal, family vacations, etc – I will be there with my photography… I am a passionate and reliable person. I am a dreamer too… I dream about the Beauty that will rule the world!

Dream vacation: Around South America.
Favorite food & drink: Guacamole, greek salad and coke.
Favorite way of travel: Train and bus , slow enough to get to know the place I am traveling to.

Spoken Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French…a little bit

My Style

My photography is fresh, modern, unconventional, happy and romantic. I like people to reveal their beautiful soul in the pictures through their eyes, real smiles and gestures. I love to have people, lovers, families just walking through the city spots while I take spontaneous shots of them. Sometimes I give them some smart advices on how to pose in order to look natural and to get better pictures if I see this is the case


Gianicolo: A wonderful hill from where you can see the best Rome skyline – TrastevereRoman Forum: The Roman Forum is the core. of the ancient Rome – Tiberina Isle (Jewish Ghetto): A particular nice spot with very ancient bridge over the river with the traditional jewish ghetto beside. Covering this 3 shots you get a real and not too touristic flavor of Rome in your pictures – Roman big Parks (Villa Pamphili and Villa Borghese): Parks are also a beautiful spots to have photo shooting if you like nature. Rome is the Italian city with the biggest and nicer green parks, maybe not everyone knows it but I think that a photoshoot in the Park worths the trip to Rome.

Rome photographers, Alessandro