Hi, my name is Kristie


Born and raised kamaʻaina of the island of Oʻahu. I have loved photographs and photographing since I was a child, whether I was sitting on the floor of my mother’s closet flipping through the same family albums, or looking through the viewfinder of a disposable camera. The ability to freeze a moment in time always stood out to me. ​My earliest memory of holding a camera in my hand was at 7 years old. I tripped on gravel while looking through the viewfinder at a palm tree in the night and got all banged up. From there, my love story with photography begins.

Dream vacation: Spain, Italy & France + most of Central Europe.
Favorite food & drink: I LOVE hot pot at any time of day, and I am extremely easily tempted by…root beer.
Favorite way of travel: Train because I love seeing everything while I pass it by.

Spoken Languages: English, Cantonese-Chinese, some Mandarin-Chinese

My Style

I appreciate a photojournalistic style and have been moving toward finding ways to make my photos more cinematic and impactful when a person looks at them, by exploring other styles. Generally, I have a light and airy, true-to-life editing style. I think it’s important to represent people and skin tones correctly, so I edit minimally.


I can tell you, if you let me join you. 😉

Kaneohe, Kailua, Waianae, Waipahu—pretty much anywhere on Oahu Island.

Photographer: Kristie - Honolulu