Q: In which cities can I choose a Pix Around’s vacation photographer?

A: Pix Around manages a community of creative and talented photographers at holidays destinations. Please select your destination from our list of  Destinations

If we are not covering your destination yet, please drop us an email as we might still be able to help through our extended photographers’ network.

Q: How the photographer can be picked?

A: Each photographer has a dedicated page where you can see a gallery with some of the most representative pictures of his style. Read his bio and the three funny questions about his favorite food, way of travel and his dream vacation

Q: How early should I book my photo shoot?

A: We suggest you to book the photo shoot at least two weeks before the chosen date. We can check from time to time even last minute requests, but in this case, we cannot guarantee the presence of the photographer picked by you. If you would like to book during peak times (such as weekends or holidays), you should book further in advance.

To make sure you can get the vacation photographer you want in the day indicated by you is better to book three weeks in advance. Please drop us an email if you are short in time as we might still be able to fit you in as a last minute job.

Q: May I book for small groups too?

A: Yes, of course, we like small and big groups! In order to ensure a minimum number of photos for each person you must book the 60 minutes package for a group of 4 people. For groups over 5 people we suggest you to book the 90 minutes package.

Q: What happens if I want to change the date or cancel the service?

A: No problem! Just advise us by email, text or phone in advance of your shoot time:
7 days before the shooting: 90% refund
More than 48 hours – 50% refund
Less than 48 hours – no refund will be issued (but we will give you a Pix Around discount voucher to use for a new booking)

Q: Where will I meet my photographer?

A: We have a list of pre-selected meeting spots close to great shoot locations. Alternatively if you prefer, the photographer can meet you at the nearest bar/cafè closed to the photo shoot location (we have a list of these bar/cafè).

We will email you clear meeting instructions and you will have the photographer’s photo and mobile number to find each other, if necessary.

Q: What can I do if I am running late?

A: Do not worry. Send a message or call directly the photographer. If the photographer does not have another commitment and he/she can wait for you, everything will remain unchanged. Our suggestion is to arrive early and not have to get an appointment at a run. This a great opportunity to relax, don’t get stressed before your shooting session.

Q: What happens in the event of snow, rain or bad weather?

Do not worry. A shooting under the rain or under the snow can be funny , expecially with a nice umbrella. However, if we can not guarantee our standard level due to the weather we will reschedule the shooting.

Q: In case I want to extend the service while I am with the photographer how can I do?

A: Just ask the photographer if is available and you can continue until you will be fully satisfied. You will pay the extra charge online later. The photographer cannot accept cash payments. Every extra 30 minutes at a cost of € 150.00.

Q: What to wear? Should I bring accessories ?

A: No stress… you’re on holidays! Feel free to wear what you like.

If you want some ideas, you may want to consider wearing clothes that complement the other people in your photograph, or the surroundings. Some people prefer to wear loosely similar style clothing, but it’s completely up to you.

We love accessories and props. You can bring anything like scarves, umbrellas, hats, funny glasses, books, balloons, bubbles, or even just a bottle of wine. They aren’t totally necessary, but they spark creativity and look great in photos!

Q: When will I receive the photos?

A: Within 5 business days after the service we will send you a link from which you can download the photos from the online gallery.

Q: What resolution are the photos?

A: The photos are in high resolution and you can download them from the link. The online gallery can be shared. If you have any special requests please let us know at time of booking.

Q: Who is the copyright holder of the photos?

A: The photographer owns the copyright of the photos. The customer (you) has the right to use the photos for personal use (non-commercial). You can print them, share them on social and with friends / relatives. We would like you to share them with Pix Around and for this you will need to give us your permission. If you do not want to do this, there are no problems, we will respect your privacy.

Q: Can I buy more photos than those provided in the purchased package?

A: If the photographer was able to deliver a greater number of shots than the minimum required by the packages, we will be happy to send them to you through the gallery. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver all the photos taken during the shoot. We prefer that the photographer could concentrate on the most successful photos and work in post-production only on those. Therefore, we will avoid working on images with closed eyes, grimaces, shaken and so on.

Q: Will you share my pictures online?

A: We will do so only after receiving your permission. Once you have received the email with the photos gallery, we will ask if you want to share your photos with PIX AROUND. If so, you can choose what to share and what not.

Q: Can I book your packages for commercial use?

A: For questions about commercial use, please contact us. We will respond and we will give you details of prices and trade licenses.

Q: Can I contact you for my wedding?

A: Absolutely yes, we will assess together with the photographer you choose what to do and we will make a preventive measure. Send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.


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