Hi, my name is Tom


I love stories, I love people, and I love light. Therefore being a photographer is more than a dream for me – it’s a life purpose. I take great joy in capturing moments that become family memories, and trying to do so in a way that is natural and true to the people themselves, as well as creative and artistic as well. I want my pictures to become part of the family mythology, and often describe myself as being in the ‘nostalgia business’. I am happily married, and we recently had our first child – Florence. It’s given me a new sense of the importance of the little and the big moments in life, and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of nurturing these beautiful relationships.

Dream vacation: Iceland! It’s a photographer’s dream, and would be a great adventure!
Favorite food & drink: Pizza! I wish I could say something a bit more ‘out there’, but in reality it’s pizza all the way. I love all kinds!
Favorite way of travel: I love traveling by train – not the fastest, but usually the most comfortable and relaxing.

Spoken Languages: English

My Style

I love light, composition and moments, but if I had to pick, it would always be about the moments. When I say moments, I mean the picture that captures emotions, or something that tells a story. I want to get a sense of my subjects, and try to capture that in the photos, so I try to keep direction to a minimum, and observe what happens naturally. I am hugely influenced by films and cinema, and I love to try and use light creatively. I like to try and provide a gallery with a variety of pictures – including some more creative ones, as well as slightly more conventional pictures that have that timeless feel


I think Southbank can be iconic, Kensington or Chelsea have pretty, beautiful streets that have that effortless high end look, and I also love Richmond Park and Hampstead Pergola.

London photographers, Tom