Hi, my name is Alessandro


I was born in 1983 and I live in Garbagnate Milanese, a little town close to Milano. My photographic carrier started in 2012 in Monza with motorsport events: I worked with the Monza’s Circuit for the F1 GP but when in 2015 I’ve been chosen to work for a wedding, I finally realized how much I like to approach and interact directly with my clients, knowing them and, using my camera, bring to the surface what’s hidden inside them.
That’s why I decided to specialize in portrait photography by which I learned the importance of the empathy between me and my clients. Every time arise a very special and unique bond that push me to always do better.

Dream vacation: Patagonia and from est to west American coast.
Favorite food & drink: fish and beer.
Favorite way of travel: car.

Spoken Languages: Italian, English

My Style

My style is intimate and romantic and I try to catch the spontaneous side of the couples, therefore I try to not pose the couples. My color are warm and soft and I prefer to shoot the couple during the sunlight or the sunshine, so when the light is more soft


A unique place for taking pictures is the Groane’s park, than Como, Lecco and Varese

Milan photographers, Alessandro