Hi, my name is Sal


Sicilian by birth, American by adoption. People describe me as an empathetic, helpful person, creative and determined. Having graduated in languages and foreign cultures and having lived in NYC and Paris, I speak multiple languages.

I am hungry for culture, art and travel; I am part of a couple of non-profit associations that fight for environmental protection.
I madly love cinema, dogs and good wine.

Dream vacation: a road trip.
Favorite food & drink: pizza and beer.
Favorite way of travel: car.

Spoken Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish

My Style

My photographic philosophy is based on the art of capturing the beauty of spontaneous and natural moments. I strive to make my clients feel at ease, creating a relaxed and authentic atmosphere that allows them to be themselves in front of the lens. Through the play of light and shadow, I try to bring to life the emotions and details that make each moment unique. My goal is to create indelible memories that my clients can cherish forever


In addition to classic tourist spots, I like to take advantage of city corners with as few people as possible so as to give the photographs a timeless look.

Pix Around London vacation photographer, Sal