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My journey into photography began during childhood walks with my dad, capturing the beauty of nature. At 17, I officially started my photography …


I am a professional photographer since 2004, having worked since as a photojournalist, wedding, events and family photographer. I absolutely …

Live a special holidays in one of the most beautiful capital of the world on the pacific coast.

If you think about Sydney the most popular attractions are:
The Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Royal botanic garden, Bonday Beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Probably while you want to visit these magic places enjoying the atmosphere, you would like to capture the essence of the scenario taking photo in the same time doing your best as a photography lovers…but why don’t you think that a professional touch can change your shoots? Booking our Sydney photographers could be the right choice and the best thing you can do!

A local point of view mixed with passion and professional skills could improve your holiday and of course your memories. We can help you to find a talented professional photographer who can taking you in this fantistic journey into the Sydney best places in the city! Book on Pixaround website, it’s easy and fast. Just few steps to book and to check the availability of our Sydney photographers. Keep a frame of the best Sydney spots and live the atmosphere of this amazing and vibrant capital.

Live your dream and when you come back home, remember this amazing experience. A real shooting by a professional photographer could help you to collect memories to treasure in your heart. We have different packages and different proposals…just in case you are thinking about to something really special. Pixaround is happy to organize a special moment that you can live forever by a real photo shooting made our Sydney photographers!

We are ready for this adventure..and you?