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With the Azores Photographers to discover the wild oasis of the Atlantic Ocean

The Azores Islands remained unknown to many tourists and only in recent years they become a popular destination. These vulcanic islands have characteristics that give them a unique beauty. In fact, the mountainous areas dominate a wild and luxuriant nature. While in the sea it’s very easy to spot whales, turtles or dolphins that stop in these oases of the Atlantic.

Surely the Azores are one of the natural paradises for photographers from all over the world. Because every island of the archipelago offers scenarios ranging from the promontory of the sea to colonial buildings in Portuguese style … in fact the cities too are prints of pastel color in the green.

If you come to visit the Azores you probably love tracking and you certainly love nature, but once you land in these islands you will realize that a photo shoot is an experience that must surely be part of your plans. Since Azores photographers can show you the best locations considering your interests.