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I am a Portuguese photographer living in Morocco. I am spontaneous, naturally kind and joyful. I was very artistic growing up and have followed an early career in design …

Our Marrakech photographers are available for a special experience.

A magic place where you can find history, culture and beautiful landscapes just in one place. A little corner of paradise on the mediterranean coast, where you can relax and enjoying the spirit of an ancient and interesting culture. Pick up a professional photo shoot and experience something new, visiting the famous spots and capture a special souvenir of your trip.

Our Marrakech photographers know the best places to go for the shooting. They can help you with some advices and could take you to different spots, not just the most popular.

Send us your inquiries about the location, or whatever you need to know, we will be more than happy to let you know about the steps to follow, the procedure and the costs of our packages. We can suggest you to book in advance to be sure that our Marrakech photographers are available.

Wherever you are in Marrakech don’t miss the chance to taste a good mint tea, visit a souk and of course have a professional shooting at the Jardin Majorelle, a beautiful summer colonial garden famous for its cactus, fountains and a rare fauna! This park could be a set for your shooting because it’s a fantastic place full of the colors of the nature, imagine to sit on a bench admiring exotic flowers!

Our Staff will help you during the shooting giving some good advices to have a perfect and professional photo shoot service made by our Marrakech photographers.
Come back home with a special souvenir to show to your family and friends.

These are memories that you can keep forever and ever in your heart.


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