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ALJOSA - Gran Canaria

I’m a traveller, surfer and a professional photographer. I’m from Slovenia, but right now I’m living in Las Palmas …

AIRAM - Gran Canaria

I consider myself as a normal, silent, curious person who loves to stay in contact with people, stay in the nature…

TOMAZ - Gran Canaria

I love surfing, biking and skateboarding and for this reason I’d like to spend the winter in the Canaries …

AZAHAR - Tenerife

I grew up on a little village on north Tenerife. I love being surrounded by lovely people. I love telling stories …

FABIO - Tenerife

I became a photographer in 2007 during a vacation. From there I embarked on an intense independent study of the art …

ALEX - Tenerife

I learned that facts are worth more than words and that contents are worth more than containers. Then I moved …

ALEJANDRO - Lanzarote

I consider myself a passionate about life and small moments, sea, sports, music and travel lover … I am in love with my profession …

TIJA - Fuerteventura

I’m a professional photographer from Slovenia living my dreams on Fuerteventura. I like …

Canaries photographers: just for Nature addicted and Adventure’s lovers!

Canaries on the east coast of Africa, are quite a popular place for people who want to have a break from the chaotic life in Europe and west world towns. Canaries are a group of different islands and two of them are the biggest ones: Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

All around the islands you can find sandy or rocky beaches, alongside remote villages, located in a wild and peaceful environment. A Canaries vacation photographer can capture the wild aspect of nature and creates unique and original memories for you and your beloved ones. The main attractions of these islands are the beaches and aquatic sports. But if you like the most to spend your time relaxing under the sun, you can enjoy the remoteness of the islands!

Don’t waste your time and book a Canaria vacation photographer: a special and incredible experience for original and cool travelers.


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