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KRISTIE - Honolulu

​My earliest memory of holding a camera in my hand was at 7 years old. I tripped on gravel while looking through the viewfinder …

KERI - Kauai

When I am not out photographing around Kauai, you can find me with my hubby running after our 3 young boys at the skatepark …

ARIANNA - Moloka'i

I love having the power to create anything and literally stop time getting that shot. Photography is my art form, the way I truly …

Hawaii photographers will bring you in your dream to the edge of the world

“… I would like to go to Hawaii” … this is a frequent answer for anyone considering a vacation. At the same time this is not an ordinary holiday because visiting Hawaii is a real journey to discover these wonderful lands immersed in the Pacific Ocean.

The Pix Around staff and Hawaii photographers will be able to advise you on the best location for your photoshoot experience. Because these islands offer endless possibilities to organize a tailored photo shoot for you.

These remote tropical islands are definitely famous for their beautiful and colorful beaches where it is not difficult to meet surfers looking for the perfect wave. But this is not not all because the wild nature of Hawaii is made up of cliffs, waterfalls, volcanoes and vegetation that are unique in the world. In fact, these scenarios have inspired many films and documentaries.

You definitely can’t miss  the opportunity to book your photoshoot in Hawaii with Pix Around