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I live in Seychelles with my husband and 2 kids. I was inspired by the beauty of these islands to start my way as photographer …


I fall in love with the natural photography, always open to new offers and travel. A few words about my favorite shooting format …


I am very passionate, creative and very out-going. When it comes to my work, my greatest satisfaction is my customers’ satisfaction …

Seychelles photographers discovering the wonders of the archipelago

If you love traveling and you love the sea at the same time, Seychelles must definitely be on your bucket list. Because this achipelago at the equator is a must for every type of traveler: whether you are alone, with your family or a couple. Seychelles offer relax and adventure opportunities. In fact on the one hand you can let yourself be pampered by an enchanted sea. While on the other side you can only be captured by the nature of these islands and feel like an explorer.
Living the Seychelles is like being the protagonist of a book that tells the adventures of ancient explorers. Indeed think about landing on the shores of one of these islands. Where the iconic granite rocks rise around you between the blue of the sea and the green of nature. Here there are animals that seem to belong to another world such as the famous giant turtles and much more.
You can’t miss an opportunity like this choosing a Seychelles photographer to capture you in this paradise … your expressions, your happiness … many years ago the explorers could only tell what they lived, now Pix Around give you the opportunity to show it to all.


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