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We are destination photographers based in Slovenia. We are fun, spontaneous and adventurous …

TOMAZ - Ljubljana

I love surfing, biking and skateboarding and for this reason I’d like to spend the winter in the Canaries …


I nourish creative editorial style and I want my images to stand as timeless reminder of precious moments for …

JULIA - Dubrovnik

Photography has grown from a hobby into the professional activity. I want to create a shot that you’ll be …

MARKO - Split

I was attracted by the beautiful scenes of happy moments where people are always smiling, loud …

A photo shoot with our Slovenia and Croatia photographers is the best way to discover this region of Europe

Slovenia and Croatia are countries on the boundaries with Italy and Austria. The landscape of these green countries are made high mountains, thick and green forests, historical towns and some beautiful rock and sandy beaches on the Adriatic coastline.

Ljubljana is a cosmopolitan city and a place where different cultures merge: especially the atmosphere is mix of balkan and Mediterranean culture. If you want to discover the real soul of these amazing places choose a Pix Around photo shoot with our Slovenia and Croatia photographers.

Amazing hot spots of Ljubljana for a photo shoot coul be: Preseren square and the Old city, the Ljubljana Castle, Trnovo, Koseze Bayer and Tivoli.

If you like to visit Zagreb you could book a photo shoot in Gornji Grad, Trg Bana Jelačiča, Sava River Raindrops Eyes, the art of Zagreb Graffiti, Zagreb Dolac, Bundek and Maksimir.

Don’t miss the chance to organize a photo shoot that includes all the places that you love in this part of the Europe. Our Slovenia and Croatia photographers has a local touch and can help you in terms of tips and suggestions about the most popular places.

Fill out the booking form, your decision can make the difference on your discovering journey of these amazing green lands.