4 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Traveling while pregnant is much easier than traveling with a little one, but going on a road trip, riding a train or flying is still quite different from the norm when you have a bun in the oven. These tips will prepare you in advance so you can enjoy your time away (and have the photos to prove it).

1. Travel when you feel your best

Even if you had a bad bout of morning sickness at first, a lot of women say that their not-so-great pregnancy side effects ease up during the second trimester. Later down the road you may feel more fatigued than usual, too, so this is the best window of time to get out of town and have enough energy to enjoy your time away.

2. Consider car travel instead of air travel

Flying is much faster than driving, but if you can get where you’re going by car, it’s the safer, more comfortable option. Not only will you be able to access a medical facility should you need it, but you’ll also have control over when you make restroom stops, where you eat and when it’s time to get a hotel room for the night. When you’re pregnant, your preferences can be more sensitive than normal, and these seemingly small choices can make all the difference.

3. Pack extra light

Any quality doctor will tell you that you should avoid heavy lifting when you’re pregnant, even at the very beginning. Pack as lightly as you can and leave out anything that isn’t a necessity. Forgo your weighty camera equipment, too, and instead hire a photographer to meet you at your destination and capture your best vacation moments.

4. Prepare for a medical emergency

You may be the picture of health when you start your trip, but travel has a way of making even the most health-conscious person sick (there are a lot of shared spaces with poor air flow and germs everywhere). Pack a copy of your prenatal records, then scope out the closest medical facilities along your route. If something does go wrong, you’ll already be a few steps closer to handling the situation.

It’s so important to have memories of your travels as well as your pregnancy journey. When you combine the two, you’ll end up with truly unique photos to look back on with your kids.

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