The best baby shower gift:
a maternity photo shoot

A maternity themed shoot is the perfect gift to give to your pregnant friend or loved one

This is a special time for a couple and a maternity session with one of our skilled photographers can capture these moments that are so fleeting. Forget the baby grows, teething toys and baby gadgets. Organizing a gift card for a Pix Around shoot as a gift is a thoughtful gesture and a unique one!

These shoots can take place at anytime during the pregnancy, but it is recommended that the bump be prominent. Given as a gift card, the couple can even plan a holiday around having the maternity shoot. These sessions are perfect for ‘Babymoon’ vacations or weekend getaways for the parents to be. It might be the last holiday they have as a couple before their world begins to revolve around their new baby. These shoots are special as they capture the anticipation of a new life as well as celebrate the couple’s love.

For others, this might be baby number two. This should make the decision to plan a shoot even easier! It’s a fabulous opportunity for the family of three to be photographed together before they are a family of four. Often baby number one will be a old enough to interact with mum and dad and even acknowledge the bump which is great for photographs. After all, there will be lots of excitement over the idea of becoming a older brother or sister.

A photograph is the only gift capable of reliving a moment, stopping time & sharing a memory of your life.
Photography is a record of your life, for anyone who really lives and travels.

How to purchase or redeem a gift card

As with any of our shoots, we recommend the couple be certain of their photographer for the shoot. For this reason, if you are giving the gift of the photo shoot, the specific photographer that the family would like will be chosen by them upon redeeming their gift card and booking in their shoot.

To purchase a gift card, you can click here and simply fill out this online form. Once your loved one has received the gift card, they can click through our website and follow the steps to redeem it.

We can’t wait to help you give the perfect present!


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