Talented photographer? We want you!

We’re thrilled to announce we are growing and therefore looking for a skilled portrait photographer like you to join our team. The best part is this position is available to multiple photographers all over the world. We are a global team that works with photographers in their home cities as a part of the Pix Around family.

Our goal is to be able to offer photo shoots to travellers in as many locations as possible and we can only do this with brilliant photographers that meet our criteria getting on board. We often work with multiple professionals for each area and create personalised galleries for photographers. This gives clients the opportunity to view your shooting style and decide if they would like to have you as their photographer.

Photography job in your own city

Is your home city listed? You can see our current list of regions and cities offered here as well as the photographers on the team. If you don’t see your home city or country we would love to hear from you. Specifically, the wonderful Canadian, American and other locations with fewer photographers on the team. We know you are out there and would be perfect for the team. If you’re already thinking this is the perfect role for you, head over to our website and apply here. This page will also show you exact regions we are looking for photographers to be able to shoot.

Worldwide photography jobs

Successful applicants will embody the following characteristics as an individual and photographer.


Competence, constancy of commitment, thoroughness and punctuality. This would be true on the day of the shoot and when delivering your work


Ability to understand the personality of the travellers who selected you to document their holiday and create unforgettable memories.Become a photographer with Pix Around


We believe if you love your job, you will pass it on to customers and the photos will remain a testimony to your job well done.

Modern Style

The photographer should have a personal style to their photography, pay attention to detail and be able to observe carefully. Our photo shoots aim to create a natural and spontaneous images for our clients.

London photographer Veruschka with Pix Around photography

This role would require at least two years professional experience as a wedding or portraits photographer for families and or couples.
Knowledge of the English language is a must for our photographers and knowing multiple languages would be a bonus. This information will be available to the client and could certainly help the customer make their decision when choosing their photographer.
The Pix Around family offers our professional photographers the chance to be a part of something that is new, exciting and different. As a team, we are enthusiastic about travel photography and love sharing our passions. We aim to be talked about, for our beautiful photos and professional photographers. Are you ready to join the team?
 Join the Pix Around team as a photographer anywhere in the world