Don’t miss out on the Cinque Terre while traveling through Italy

The Cinque Terre (which translated into English means, the five villages) is a true delight and should be included in your Italian holiday full of beautiful views of the Ligurian riviera.

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The five seaside villages that make up the Cinque Terre from north to south are:

Monterosso al Mare





Cinque Terre villages

Getting there

You can make your way to these beautiful coastal spots by train from Genoa or if you’re already lusting after a holiday in Florence from our last blog post, you can make your journey a day trip by coach! Full of reviews and first hand experience, Trip Advisor can be a great place to find day trips and tours without leaving you feeling unsettled about the transaction while giving you a good idea of what you signed up for. A great day trip tour for seeing the Cinque Terre is available through Walkabout Tours from Florence. This way you can add on a special outing to your Florence holiday and manage to see all 5 villages in one (full) day. There is a good amount of hiking in this tour but they dod provide bus/ train options for those not able to walk it all.

Follow me to the Cinque Terre

This stunning landscape is absolutely brilliant photoshoot with pops of colour from every village. Regardless of if you are looking for an engagement, bridal, family shoot (or just looking to celebrate a vacation), it’s an ideal spot. With the help with one of our local photographers, you might even be able to dodge a tourist or two! Browse our locations page, specifically the Cinque Terre, and you will be able to view the various galleries to help you decide on your photographer.

We can’t wait to help create lasting memories in this gorgeous spot for you and your loved one(s)!

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