Remember to book in family photo shoots on your next holiday with the kids

Family photo shoots are quickly becoming a part of planning a holiday with the kids. You’ve packed your bags, booked your flights, hotel, and now you just have to book in with Pix Around!

Family photo shoots in Naples Italy

Sessions with the family a lovely few hours spent together while being able to remember the moments long after they have passed. Just as we mentioned in our previous post, we strongly encourage parents to also be in front of the camera. Remember, they are called ‘family photos’ because they should include the whole family! Your children won’t care what you look like, they will just know that you were there in that moment.

Be present in portraits with your children

Our photographers are locals to the areas in which they shoot and therefore will be able to suggest ideal times and locations for your shoot. This is great news for families with younger children as you will be able to organise the shoot to best fit the abilities and needs of your little one(s). Never had a photo shoot with your children? There’s absolutely no need to panic. Photo shoots are not meant to be a stressful activity for you and your family. Our photographers (being fabulous at what they do) will put you at ease and capture you at your best. Enjoy your shoot time with your family and relax, you are going to be on holiday after all!

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Your own personal shoot

Many parents have an idea of what type of photography they prefer and with that will be able to easily select a photographer from our locations page. Here, all of our photographers have a gallery available for browsing and a bit about their style.

Of course, your family and therefore your shoot, will be completely unique. We recommend jumping on Pinterest for inspiration for all things leading up to your shoot. Create a special board and go wild! Photographers adore this platform and you will be able to find lots of images that you might like (or maybe not so much) and really get a feel for your taste in portraiture. Pinterest is also a great tool for styling your shoot and creating your desired look for both yourself and your kids. Whether it’s simple & casual or full on designer brands, being prepared with clothing is always a good idea. Avoid the ‘day of the shoot stress’ and have an outfit planned no matter the age of your children. You will thank us later!

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After you put the kids to bed tonight, hop onto our website and browse our locations, photographers and packages. It’s easy to book in, so once you are certain of your vacation dates you’re all set. From there, get pinning for your family photo shoots! We can’t wait to capture some special moments with you and your loved ones.
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