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5 of the Best Places to Visit in Italy

5 of the Best Places to Visit in Italy Photographer: Federica – ROME Have you already booked your holiday in one of the most visited destinations in the world? Let’s discover 5 of the Best Places to Visit in Italy ! Italy is a top travel destination, hailed for its rich combination of famous art, high-end fashion, breathtaking landscapes and incomparable cuisine. If you’re planning a trip to one of the world’s most passionate countries, consider exploring these five areas. […]

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Family photo shoots on vacation

Family photo shoots on vacation Remember to book in family photo shoots on your next holiday with the kids Family photo shoots are quickly becoming a part of planning a holiday with the kids. You’ve packed your bags, booked your flights, hotel, and now you just have to book in with Pix Around! Photographer: Valentina – NAPLES | AMALFI COAST Sessions with the family a lovely few hours spent together while being able to remember the moments long after they have passed. […]

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Bachelorette party photography

Bachelorette party photography Planning your bachelorette party? Don’t forget to book a photographer! Whether you refer to your pre wedding party weekend with friends as a bachelorette or hen party, remember to book in with Pix Around for a photo shoot. This getaway with your closest friends and family will only happen once, so what better way to document all the fun? Photographer: Manuel – VALENCIA We would love nothing more than to have one of our many talented photographers […]

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Organze the perfect proposal in Florence

Organize your wedding proposal with a vacation photographer

How to organize your wedding proposal with a vacation photographer If you’re thinking about your wedding proposal, why not ask your special someone while on holiday? A proposal is a big deal. Booking a photographer in your destination city isn’t. We are delighted to have captured so many couples make this leap and while on vacation no less. Holidays are for relaxing, even when you would like to pop the question. Organising a photographer with us couldn’t be easier, just […]

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Hire Pix Around to capture your honeymoon

Book Pix Around to capture your honeymoon

Book Pix Around to capture your honeymoon Photographer: Bethina – VENICE The best wedding gift is to capture the honeymoon So much time and effort is spent on photography for the wedding, but what about the honeymoon? In most cases, a couple has organized a once in a lifetime trip to celebrate the beginning of their new life together but have little to no evidence of the holiday. The honeymoon is a time for newlyweds to be relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful surroundings. Let’s […]

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Hiring a vacation photographer it’s the new twist

Hiring a vacation photographer is the new twist Family photo shoots don’t have be at home. Vacation photo sessions are a travel keepsake you’ll keep forever. Not just another trinket from a trip. Your home can be your travel canvas for great family memories. One of the many joys of returning from a trip is being able to relive the experience by sorting through your vacation photos. Unfortunately, whether you’re a single traveler or someone venturing out with family members […]

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