Are you curious to discover why you need to have family photos with Mom? Flip through photos from the past year. Does someone seem to be missing from practically every one? We bet it’s your mom.

Another reason why you need to have family photos with Mom is that Moms are often behind the lens, taking on the role of photographer, making sure to capture every precious, fun and exciting moment that passes by.

Not only should you alleviate mom from this job for Mother’s Day, but you should also encourage her to get on the other side of the camera. These are the photos that you and your siblings, your children, and your grandchildren are going to look at over the years, and your mother needs to be a part of them.

Why You Need to Have Family Photos With Mom

Help Her Feel Gorgeous

A lot of people shy away from the camera because they’re self-conscious. To make sure your mom is comfortable with how she looks to be captured on camera, let her know that you’ll be taking a lot of photos at your next family gathering. You can also book her a spa appointment or a haircut and color so that she feels her best. Why You Need to Have Family Photos With Mom

Hire a Professional

 By hiring a professional, everyone in your family can be part of the photos, and you’ll also all be photographed in a quality, flattering way. Your mom will rest easy knowing that she’s going to be in the best lighting, setting and position possible. A great photographer can make anyone look stunning.

Why You Need to Have Family Photos With Mom

Go About Your Day

While having one or two posed portraits may be nice, natural interactions captured on camera will be much more fun to remember later on. Make sure to have your mom photographed sans kids, too. There’s so much that makes her fabulous in addition to having children, and the camera should focus on various aspects of her identity. Think about what makes your mom purely her and communicate this with the photographer.

 Why You Need to Have Family Photos With Mom

Honor Your Mom

Your mom is an incredibly important and special part of your life, and your family photos should reflect that, both on Mother’s Day and throughout the rest of the year. At the same time that you’re ensuring your mom feels gorgeous and confident in your family photos, make sure she knows that you insist on her being part of them – she’s the cornerstone of your family, after all.

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How do you encourage your camera-shy friends and family members to be part of your photos?

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