The best way to capture your Memories.

Do you want to discover the best way to capture your memories ?

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind

Some of you may have never considered or heard of a vacation photographer, but I’m certain we can all relate to the same situation.

Are you tired of coming home with the usual smartphone pics and selfies or about having to ask passers-by to take photos of you? Have you experienced that moment when someone asks you for a photo, you take the most perfect shot with the Colosseum in the background but when it comes to your turn, all you get is a blurry close up of your face and cropped out Colosseum?

It can be hard to capture those beautiful vacation moments by yourself. So that’s why selected the best vacation photographers in more than 200 destinations.

Here you will discover the best way to capture your memories and the 5 reasons to hire a professional vacation photographer for your next holiday.

1. Access to a full professional vacation photographer kit

Most people traveling are using their phones to take pictures. Some might have a proper camera, but you won’t be traveling with the full set up. Various lenses for different types of shots. Fancy external flashes that light you up in just the right way to make you look stunning. Light modifiers and lots of other fancy stuff that you certainly cannot fit into your luggage!

2. Local photographers know all the best spots!

Travel photographers know the local area. This can be a huge benefit because they know the best places to get a stunning photograph or the best time to schedule your shoot so you can avoid large crowds to tourists. They can also recommend certain parts of town if you’re unsure where you’d like to have your photos taken. This is also a great way to get insider tips for the rest of your trip. Your photographer may suggest that you check out a café or attraction that is nearby your photo shoot.

3. Guidance

I don’t know abut you, but I am no model! I really have no idea how to make a photo look natural and candid. But with the guidance of your vacation photographer, you will be amazed at the outcome of the pics and how natural they are.

4. They Can Capture Special Moments

It can be difficult to take a quality photo of yourself or your family. While #selfies are a thing, they don’t have the same look or feel. And it certainly pays to have a skilled photographer around to take your photo. Working with a vacation photographer gives you the chance to get quality photos and to capture those really special moments. Your photographer is there to take candid shots — which I think are the best kind of photos! And hiring a vacation photographer is a great way to set up and capture an extra special moment, too — such as an engagement!

5. You Will Have a Beautiful Memory of Your Trip

Finally, the best and most important reason to hire a vacation photographer — you will be left with a beautiful memory of your trip. You can look back at your trip for many years to come. While a souvenir or postcard may be a cool purchase idea, a photograph is a lasting and beautiful way to experience a memory again. This can also be a great way to share your adventures with loved ones — they’ll enjoy looking at your trip photos, too!

And there you have it — 5 reasons to hire vacation photographers for your next holiday !

If your question now is “Where to find a Vacation Photographer” just read this blog by Amanda Champion 

Pictures by Pix Around Photographer Tomaz 

Special thanks to Amanda & Ben from Sydney with Love !


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