Family photo shoot in Florence

Family photo shoot for your next holiday

A family photo shoot is the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday or for the holiday season. It’s easy to organize and will be loved by all. As Florence and the surrounding areas are popular spots for family vacations we have many photographers available to capture your special moments.

Florence is a city filled with love and romance but in addition to this atmosphere, it offers rich history and many places to visit with families and young children. Tourist attractions in Florence are plentiful but the most noteworthy can be found in our previous blog post on the city’s key spots, here.

Why YOU need a professional photographer

We know what you’re saying, ‘Why do we need a family photo shoot? We have our iPhones!’ While we agree, cameras in the latest phones are brilliant at snapping moments on the fly, there just simply isn’t a replacement for YOU if you are the photographer. Family portraits should include the whole family and therefore you will need to be present. Looking beyond the idea of you being in the photo, we know how chaotic life can be with small children. Everyday can be a challenge with children and this only seems to amplify whilst on holiday. By leaving the photography to one of our team members you are not only ensuring you have beautiful portraits from your time away, but that you have one less detail to worry about.

Plan your outfits, get a feel for the type of shoot you want and leave the rest to us! You can check out our Instagram page to help get your planning get underway. Careful, once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

The next step

Giving the gift of photography with Pix Around could not be easier or more straightforward. We aim to make the process as simple as possible with our online form found on our website, here. When purchasing a gift card for a family the destination does not have to be confirmed and therefore the recipient can confirm this upon receiving it.

To redeem a photo shoot gift card, as the recipient, follow these few steps:

  • Enter a valid Gift Card code.
  • Fill out the form with all the details required, proceed with the confirmation and relax.
  • Our Pix booking staff will confirm the availability or will give you one or more options.
  • From now on a personal assistant will be dedicated to you and all the photo shoot details will be confirmed and you will be able to choose the photographer you prefer.

If you wish to upgrade to a longer package you can do it by using your Gift Card Code in the Home Page form or in each photographer’s page.

Packages for shoots start off with a 30 minute session including 1 location and can increase depending on the shoot. Read through our various packages complete with prices, here.

Whether it is Florence, one of the gorgeous surrounding areas, or another part of the world entirely, a shoot is a great addition to any vacation. Be sure to explore the talented photographers we have on board across globe, here

Enjoy your holiday and of course, your Pix Around photo shoot. If you are giving the gift of photography, there truly is no better present. We can’t wait to capture some unforgettable moments with you and your family.


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