6 Tips for Proposing on Vacation

Traveling together is already romantic and exciting. The last thing your special one expects is for you to get down on one knee when there’s already so much to look forward to in the days ahead. These six tips will help you nail the proposal and create the most memorable vacation you can imagine.

1. Pack the smart way.

Pack the ring in your carry-on instead of your checked luggage. Conceal it so that security doesn’t ruin the surprise if they rifle through your bag. Store it inside a fake book or your shaving kit; don’t put it in a compartment you’ll be reaching into a lot, like where you keep your headphones.

2. Prepare your speech.

You may not be able to control the weather or how many tourists are crowding the “perfect” proposal spot, but you can plan exactly what you’re going to say. If you wing it in-the-moment, you may stumble over your words or forget to say something meaningful.

3. Choose a setting that’s personal.

What do you two like to do as a couple? Do you love hiking? Going to movies? Trying exotic cuisine? Pick something that holds significance in your relationship and plan your proposal around that.

4. Book a photographer.

You’ll want to revisit this moment forever. Connect with a photographer ahead of time and have them waiting in the wings. Plan the proposal for a day or evening when you’ll both be dressed up, or tell your special one. that you booked a vacation photo shoot (the fact that it’s an engagement shoot will still be a surprise).

5. Tell the hotel about your plan.

Ask the concierge what they can do to make your stay extra special. Engagement services may include having flowers, chocolates and champagne waiting in the room when you return, or booking a special reservation at the hotel restaurant.

6. Propose early during the trip.

Not only is walking around with a diamond ring in your pocket distracting and nerve-wracking, but it’s also a good way to accidentally lose it. Propose early in your trip, like on your first full day there after you’ve both had a good night’s sleep. You’ll be able to enjoy your brand new engagement, and the rest of your vacation, from the very start.


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