11 Reasons why Paris is called
The City of Love

You’ve undoubtedly heard Paris’ nickname, the City of Love, but if you’ve never been there, you may be wondering just what makes it so romantic. We think you should book a trip to find out – and let us capture your out-of-this-world experience – but these 11 pointers are a great start.

1. Paris is beautiful both where it’s grand, like in the city’s heart near the Eiffel Tower, and where it’s intimate, like along Montmartre’s cobblestoned streets.

2. The skyline is protected by UNESCO and buildings can’t be more than six stories tall, so there’s no part of the city with an obscured view.

3. Paris is relatively small and the streets are extra-wide, making it the perfect city for strolling hand-in-hand.

4. A number of romantic films have been set in Paris, like Funny Face and Midnight in Paris, which have helped contribute to the starry-eyed and glamorous image of the city.

5. Don’t believe the hype about how all Parisians are snobby – on the contrary, they’re flirtatious, passionate and downright seductive, which will bring out those sides of your personality, too!

6. Historically, France has been a hub of culture and the arts, with famous 19th century poets and authors depicting the city as idealistically romantic.

7. French is a romance language and is also dubbed “the language of love,” considered by some to be the sexiest in the world (whether or not you can speak or even understand it).

8. Pont des Arts is home to a revolving collection of padlocks attached to the railings (the weight can become too much for the bridge, so authorities have to clear them off every so often), with couples metaphorically locking their love for one another and throwing away the key.

9. If the way to your heart is through your stomach, Paris is a culinary delight, with everything from rich, savory meals and patisseries full of sweets around practically every corner to world-renowned wine

10. The gardens at Musée Rodin are home to the famous sculpture The Kiss by Auguste Rodin, where we suggest all lovey-dovey couples mimic the statue.

11. The Wall of Love (le mur des je t’aime) has more than 300 declarations of love written on it in 250 languages.


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