Annecy photographer, Sabrina

Annecy, the pearl of the French Alps

Annecy is located in a very interesting point from a tourist and photographic point of view. Because it is on the hills with the lake on one side and the French Prealps on the other side. It is also not far from the border with Switzerland and Italy. There are many spots where Annecy photographers will be able to take you for a photo shoot definitely immersed in nature. But you can also decide to easily reach other places.

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Paris photographers, Olga

11 Reasons why Paris is called The City of Love

11 Reasons why Paris is called The City of Love You’ve undoubtedly heard Paris’ nickname, the City of Love, but if you’ve never been there, you may be wondering just what makes it so romantic. We think you should book a trip to find out – and let us capture your out-of-this-world experience – but these 11 pointers are a great start. Photographer: Olga – Paris 1. Paris is beautiful both where it’s grand, like in the city’s heart near the […]

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Mauritius photographers, Daria and Johny

Dream Vacation in Mauritius

Dream Vacation in Mauritius Ever dreamed about visiting Mauritius? Why not now? Known for its stunning beaches, lagoons and reefs, Mauritius is a top travel destination for many. This luxury spot seems to be the perfect place to spend a honeymoon or even pop the question. Although it is a wonderful family destination as well, we see romance around every corner – ideal for a photoshoot with our Pix Around team! Photographer: Daria & Johny – MAURITIUS Working as a […]

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New York photographers, Vital

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in New York

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in New York A Honeymoon photoshoot to keep the celebrations going in the Big Apple! Your big day might have come and gone but why should the party stop? We love the idea of a big post-wedding honeymoon photoshoot in NYC. Our featured couple this week travelled from Italy to America for their holiday and decided to make use of their Pix Around gift card while they were there. Photographer: Vital – NEW YORK “We received a Pix […]

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Prague photographers, Raifa

Summer holiday destinations you need to visit

Summer holiday destinations you need to visit Summer is approaching, where will you be exploring? The months of summer seem to come and go faster than the blink of an eye. When children are involved in the mix, it seems they’re back to school before you know it. Take a moment, breathe and let’s plan your holiday for the warmer months ahead. Photographer: Lukas – PRAGUE The number one mistake travellers tend to make is booking a trip in the most popular city during […]

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Venice photographers, Carlo - Venice with Pix Around

Venice photoshoot with Pix Around

Venice photoshoots with Pix Around In Venice? Catch up with one of our local Pix Around photographers for a photo shoot around the best spots! One of our more popular destinations, Venice is brilliant for all types of photo shoots. Whether you are looking to book a family holiday, your honeymoon or thinking about popping the question with a special proposal, Venice will deliver. Our photographers are professional and know all the canals and bridges of the city, they can […]

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Hire Pix Around to capture your honeymoon

Book Pix Around to capture your honeymoon

Book Pix Around to capture your honeymoon Photographer: Bethina – VENICE The best wedding gift is to capture the honeymoon So much time and effort is spent on photography for the wedding, but what about the honeymoon? In most cases, a couple has organized a once in a lifetime trip to celebrate the beginning of their new life together but have little to no evidence of the holiday. The honeymoon is a time for newlyweds to be relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful surroundings. Let’s […]

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Gran Canaria Photographers, Aljosa

Hiring a vacation photographer it’s the new twist

Hiring a vacation photographer is the new twist Family photo shoots don’t have be at home. Vacation photo sessions are a travel keepsake you’ll keep forever. Not just another trinket from a trip. Your home can be your travel canvas for great family memories. One of the many joys of returning from a trip is being able to relive the experience by sorting through your vacation photos. Unfortunately, whether you’re a single traveler or someone venturing out with family members […]

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