San Diego Pix Around Photographer, Angela

Celebrate love in San Diego and have Angela capture it all!

We’re excited to announce another fabulous city to join our available destinations, San Diego. If you’re booking a holiday in this fabulous city soon, book Angela for your shoot. Whether it’s a couples shoot, or more specifically, and engagement, proposal or honeymoon shoot, she’s got you covered.

Not used to having your photo taken? No problem. As many of our clients have never had a professional photo shoot and rely on our team for their guidance. Our photographers are great with clients and easily make our clients feel completely relaxed during their session. Angela recently photographed Giulia and Jose in San Diego and the results speak for themselves!

Our photographer was very helpful and gave us great feedback. She helped us feel really comfortable and took amazing pictures that we didn’t expect we were capable of. PS: neither of us feel particularly comfortable in front of the camera: this says how great Angela has been!

We adore Angela’s approach to shoots and at this point, I think we’re all thinking about booking in!

I have my iPhone, why do I need a photo shoot?

With today’s current technology, it’s easy to think you and everyone who owns a camera (or a phone for that matter!), are photographers. We suggest you think about how many photos you have of you and your partner together that are not selfies, there probably aren’t many. Put your phone away, leave the big camera in the hotel room and enjoy your holiday. Our team are professionals and work hard to give you beautiful portraits you will treasure for years to come. Personal snaps are essential to a trip abroad but there’s something truly special about handing over the reins to a pro and living in the moment.

“As soon as I heard about Pix Around I gave up that it was a genius idea. Booking this photographic experience with Pix Around was the right choice for this first trip to the USA. San Diego was our first stop and I fell in love with the city. Having photos that will always remind me of this trip is priceless. I did not have to bring any camera with me, I already knew that a professional photographer would take us some beautiful pictures. Angela was very helpful and had us at ease. She gave us some tips on how to behave during the shooting and we did not have the types of “romantic photos” the result was amazing. The beach was beautiful and the sunset lights enhanced those magical moments…I will never be able to thank PIx Around enough for this wonderful experience.”

Let us surprise you. Let us delight you with the Pix Around experience. You will soon be booking your photographer before you book your flights for your next vacation!


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