I love the sea, the electronic music, travels, dinners with friends and speed. Crazy for sports with cars...



I love photographing people in love, kids jumping, families and maternity. Basically anything where there is love! I live in Naples, but I move wherever there are good stories to tell...



Neapolitan, 40, married with Mary Jane and father of Alyssa and James. I love to travel, rock music and being with people...



Mainly I work on portraits, capturing that moment, that look, that smile just mentioned, that shyness that hides behind every gesture...


Amalfi Coast, a romantic place, original and special to fall in love!

A coastal landscapes really famous for the beautiful limoncello and beaches. Amalfi and its surroundings are well known all over the world. Coastal villages are rare pearls on the cliffs and loved by several poets, artists and travelers.

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Amalfi is the right place where you can mix nature and local art, because you can spend your time hanging around in Positano for example, doing some shopping in these amazing shops where you can buy some bottles of Limoncello and other stuff.

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